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Getting married? Try Northern kente.

Kente is a very popular and respected brand in Ghana. It has dominated the market for uncountable decades now. Kente is used by royalty, brides and grooms and every other individual in Ghana and beyond. Kente has a rich cultural history, it origins are traced back to Ghana and the Ashanti Region to be precise.

The northern Kente is woven with the fabric and thread that are used to make the popular fugu clothes. There are a wide variety of colors and designs of the Northern Kente cloths examples are the ones worn by the second lady Samira Bawumia.

In fact she is one typical example of people who use the northern region's Kente the most is and it has become widespread to identify special occasions.The cloth is said to have originated from the and Ashanti Region. As such, it's considered a cultural heritage of the Ashanti's and the Akans. Unsurprisingly, the cloth is most popular in the Southern part of Ghana, even though it's used in every other region.

In the Northern part of Ghana, however, the story is much different. The kente which is held in high esteem in the south is relatively uncommon and a little hard to find. Reigning our popular kente's stead is an equally commanding and beautiful fabric known popularly as fugu or batakari. Fugu is a very popular cloth in all 5 regions of Northern Ghana and even in the southern part of Ghana. This led to its nickname the "Northern kente". The cloth is of great cultural significance and is mostly worn for important functions like festivals, funerals, weddings and church functions. Fugu is usually sewn with hand or by a machine, the quality is as great as the pattern is beautiful. The fabric comes in multiple styles and designs - all beautifully attractive in their peculiar way.

The Northern kente is not a fabric restricted to gender, ladies and gentlemen can use it. Obviously the Northern Kente can be used for very important functions and they never run out of style. Get married in it, here are 6 styles to use for your engagement instead of regular kente.

Would you consider Northern Kente for your engagement and wedding ceremonies?? Let us know what you think.

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