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Husband and wife relationship

Video Of Stonebwoy's Love Story With Wife Starts Surfacing Online

Behind every successful story is hidden moments of toil and times when one could never imagine they would have come thus far.

There are several successful persons that upon seeing their present states, you would never imagine they ever went through moments of trial.

This is the reason why most people try to keep memories of their past in the form of pictures or videos so that they can refer to them with ease when they finally make it in life after their toil.

Lovely video of the Ghanaian musician, Livingston Etseh Seteklah better known to others as Stonebwoy and his dear wife Dr. Louisa Seteklah have been seen trending online and thereby receiving numerous comments.

The above mentioned video covers the periods when the two were still at the Basic level of their educations, each in uniform, moments when they were getting close to each other while they were still growing, through to their engagement and wedding, down to the time they now have kids together and are seen having fun together as a lovely family.

As people are Soo much falling in love with the family, let us remember that all these did not happen in a day.

Determination and perseverance is the key to any success and if one so delights in achieving it, then they ought not give up despite the troubles that may come.

I am very sure when these two are asked whether they ever had misunderstanding, they will gladly say Yes.

As young individuals who hope to also make it in our career paths and relationship lives let us learn to focus on one thing at a time and give in our all instead of taking things for granted.

Life is not about race, use someone's life experience to groom yours instead of envying them. Always remember hardwork and perseverance pays.

Pease click on the link below to watch the video:

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Ghanaian Livingston Etseh Seteklah Stonebwoy


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