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Divorce Affair

How you will know if he is cheating on you.

1) Complains about your body.

If he is always complaining about a part of your body say about how your buttocks is small, about how your breast is too big, about how you don't have pink lips, how you don't look sexy enough. If he belittles you because of how you look, you should be careful.

2) Surrounded by cheaters.

You should be careful if all his friends cheat on their spouses, if he is surrounded by cheaters, he is a cheater. He should know that the more he surrounds himself by negative people it will affect his thinking. Iron sharpens iron.

3) Brags a lot about how many girls like him.

Normally this happens when he wants you to do something you don't want to do. For example, you want to stay chaste till marriage and he doesn't want to. He can make you change your mind about how he can get girls anytime to have sex with him but he is with you and probably make you feel insecure. If he is always boasting of how many girls are on him, of how many girls like him. If he is always bragging on how many girls will choose him anytime anyday, you should be careful.

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