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Things You Must Avoid When She Leaves You For A Different Guy

When you been get dumped by your girlfriend, avoid doing the following;

1.Do not cry for her. Just a waste of time and energy. Each and every drop of your valuable tears, don't waste it for a worthless person.

2. Do not feel desperate and empty. It's good that she breakup with you. Imagine, what if the same thing happened after marriage? It's good, it ends in an earlier stage.

3. Avoid messaging her. she is already busy with someone. Don't you feel that when she is in online but didn't reply to your message? Besides, do not think all girls are same. There are a lot of beautiful souls out there. You need to pick the right one.

4. Do not fall in love again blindly just because someone show you love and care. Take a breath. Relax and think.

5. Avoid Suicidal thoughts. I strongly oppose this stupidity. Understand your value. There is nothing in this world that time can't heal. Just be patience and wait a little bit.

6. Don't be alone. Come out and have fun. Eat, sleep, laugh. Enjoy your life. When you are in love, both of you were walking on the same path. Suddenly the other one leave you and walk in the opposite direction. Don't go behind them. Just continue your journey.

7. The urge to patch up with her. Maybe you feel comfortable now. But it's not worthy.The unbearable pain you are going through now is actually an illusion. You are doing it to yourself. You are perfectly alright.

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