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Things you do that decreases Your life span

Life is too short and and we need to enjoy it while we can but there are certain hindrances, characters and certain things that when we do it automatically reduces our life span. We are going to delve deeper into knowing such things of which some of them are thinking too much and not taking care of our health.

1. Thinking too much

It is obvious that life is hard and we want to make it in life but we need to also understand that thinking too much affects us psychologically and mentally which tends to affect us and in the long run decreases our life span.

2. Not taking care of our health.

At a young age we tend to ignore certain things such as personal hygiene,exercising eating good foods but when we do not take care of our health by doing all these it will affect us later when we can hardly go back and do them once again so this is the best time we can do all these.

3.lack of respect to parents and elder people.

As young people we always think that when we get to a certain age in life we can do our own thing and take our own decisions so we have no respect for our parents and elder people. What this does is that it brings curses into our life that we do not know and later we tend to blame people.

4. Drinking alcohol and smoking.

Drinking alcohol and smoking can reduce our life span drastically because it affects the heart and lungs.l know you want to live long so beloved do the right to save yourself .

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