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Ladies with These Body Features Are Extremely Fortunate And Lucky

In all our endeavors in life, any positive minded person hopes for the best results from their activities, to guard against disappointed and depression brought about as a result of not meeting you expectations, you should as much expect the worst.

No matter how unfortunate your life is, there are periods in your life, that certain events that unfold positively in your favor, you can boldly tell are much more than you efforts should have given given you; that's when you know the positive forces of luck are on your side.

Good luck is not a preserve of any category of persons, neither is it an enemy to a particular set of humans. But there are others who are usually fortune and lucky in life.

There is no fixed formular for determining people who will be lucky in life.

But let's take a look at certain body signs that attract good luck and fortune to women.

1. A woman with wide, round and red thumb is considered very fortunate.

2. A lady who has triangular mark under the soles of her feet; these women are regarded to be very understanding and intelligent. According to palmistry, these ladies help others with their natural intelligence and understanding. She also makes everyone happy in her family and holds the family together.

3. A woman with moles or wart near or below the navel; this is an indication of luck as well as, a sign of happy, healthy and prosperous like.

That you don't have any of the above doesn't mean you won't have fortune smile at you, in that, there are other factors other than body features that are signs of good luck.

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