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Date Rush Reunion: "Every one minute biaa calls nam mu" - Fareed reveals as it ended in tears

At long last, the love life of Fareed and Enice have ended because what both expected did not come to pass. It could be recalled that after Enice chose Fareed, he made a promise during their date that everything is working and will one day get married to her despite the fact that Enice is having two kids already. The promise of Fareed made us to believe that, everything was rosy.

The story has now changed and both are accusing each other in so many ways. According to Enice, Fareed is not showing her the love she needed. She also said Fareed doesn't give a warm welcome to her kids as he promised.

Fareed on the other hand has refuted those claims by saying he has been trying his possible best for the relationship to work but anytime he is with Enice, she receive calls from different guys. He used the common jargon in local dialect that, "Every one minute biaa calls nam mu". Which means Enice has been receiving a lot of calls every minute.

What Fareed doesn't understand is that, whenever the calls come, Enice goes outside to receive the call. That has convinced him enough to believe that she has been talking with other guys. All what Fareed is saying indicates that he is jealous of the calls Enice has been making. They both admitted that, their relationship isn't working and things are not going the way they were expecting it to be.

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