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Husband and wife relationship

"Should I Tell My Husband About his Mother's Freaky ' Atopabilities' "?

A woman took to confess in an anonymous confession about how he caught her mother-in-law being f*cked by an 18 year old boy.

'Good afternoon Mrs Kwaakwa . Today my eyes have seen my ears. Please advice me on what to do na im going crazy with confusion. We came to my MIL yesterday because my husband and I were to attend a funeral today. I'm heavily pregnant and couldn't sleep well last night and I decided to stay back so hubby went to the funeral alone. When I woke up, I went to my mother-in-law's room to greet her na what I saw no hmmmmm. This woman was been f**ked violently I mean rough rough oo by a wee boy in the area who comes around to weed and clean the house for her . A boy who's just 18yrs. A boy young enough to be her grandson. Ei.

The way he was chocking this woman no my heart missed a beat. I was just dumbfounded looking at them. When they saw me, my MIL started begging me not to tell my husband what I saw. Me I wouldn't have bothered ooo abi it is her own c*nt but the problem is this woman has bipolar and some serious mental issues so I'm afraid this guy will take advantage of her. I'm afraid the guy might break her heart and worsen her situation.' Nti ama may3 basaa' because aside when she's having an episode, she's a very nice person. I feel I have to protect her from the guy but 'mennim po'

I don't know if I should tell my husband or not.

Should mind my business.,

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