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Wedding planning scene

Size does not matter, love does it all. Throwback to Themba Ntuli's majestic wedding.

This generation has made it seem that love only goes in a direction which focuses on physical appearance and money. Well, maybe not everybody believes in that theory. Some people do not define love based on what they see, they rather define love based on what their heart tells them.

These people are actually the people who lasts longer in their relationships. This is just simple, their life is just pure and unadulterated. For those who love people for the sake of their money they are likely to leave them when their money finishes. The same applies to people who love other people for the sake of their looks. Trust me, beauty fades, anything can happen in this journey of life which can make them lose that beauty in just a second. After their beauty is lost, there is no way such a love can stand since it was based on how beautiful or how muscular one party was.

Themba Ntuli is a Zimbabwean born who mostly works in South Africa and therefore has got many people thinking he's a South African. He got catapulted to immense fame kind courtesy his role in the South African television show known as Rhythm City.

Themba and his wife who is known as Hope Masilo proved to the well that not all people look at size when choosing a soulmate. Hope decided to ignore all the men who were bringing proposals and go in for the diminutive actor just because he was who her heart yearned for.

Maybe size does not matter in all circumstances, maybe listening to your heart is what really matters. Size wouldn't have given this actor such a treasure but pure love and his big heart made up for all the other small things.

Isn't it amazing seeing them display these beautiful couple goals? These pictures do tell me one clear thing, "If something is really meant for you, never stress yourself. They will come to you by themselves".

Ntuli and Hope proved to the world that maybe, listening to your heart is really the way forward and not by size and looks. I hope their union continues to flourish each and every day.

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