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"Tearful" - I'm Trying So Hard To Forget About My Cute Ex-boyfriend But I Can't

The saddest of life is watching someone you love with all your heart and soul love someone else. That can be very disgusting right? Very painful, you live your life keep thing about the escapades that went on between both of you. I'm Irene and 23 years. I've tried so many times just to forget about my ex-boyfriend but it seems impossible to me. I met my ex-boyfriend in a WhatsApp group that was created my a colleague of mine. We had fun and normally meet to do clean up exercise in our community since it was solely made of youths.

I had an encounter with him the first time I went for the clean up exercise and it was really great. Afterward, he came to my DM requesting for a job and I tried as much as possible to help connect him. We became very good friends and eventually lovebirds. We've dated for the past few months and I must profess he is one in a million. He did everything a responsible guy should do and I've never been disappointed.

Recently, I've seen him a dating a girl we were in the same group with. Anytime I confront him, he tells me she is just a friend. I've set spies who have been monitoring his movements and seen him with the girl a couple of times. I've tried as much as possible to move on but its jot working. I really do love since he is the first guy in my life. Did I do anything wrong for falling for a guy who loves someone else.

I'm really down broken and the only option I can think now is killing myself so everything would end in peace. Please help a tearful sister before the worst happens. Thank you very much.

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