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Divorce Affair

Knowing your cheating girlfriend's location

People now do not trust people they are in relationship with. It has become something normal. But lying isn't a good act to the extent of it being your boyfriend or husband. The steps below will allow you to know the location of others.

Go to Google play store.

Search for track view

Install this application on your device.

Open the application after you are done with the installation.

You will be ask to create an account for track view in which you are to use your Google account to register.

Now your account is registered with track view.

To be able to know the location of others, you have to follow same process.

So if you want to know where your girlfriend is all the time, install track view on her phone and log into your account on her phone.

Mute all track view notifications and hide the application on her phone.

Go to your phone and open the track view application.

You will see her phone shown as devices you have access to.

Once you select her phone, you will see where she is

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