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“Fear women” -Guy tells his broken heart story

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Many a time, people enter into relationships with the motive of ending up as husband and wife sometime in the future but as we mostly say, “it’ll end in tears”. 

It’s so hurtful to dream and imagine a beautiful future with your partner only to be heart broken in the course of dating. As some take it cool without worrying much about the broken heart, others really go through hell especially if he or she has invested(money-wise) in the partner.

A young man trending on social media narrates his share of broken heart in a video with the trendy phrase “fear women”.  According to the man, the girl lost her dad and her mom wasn’t financially stable and because he was into gold mining business, he took it upon himself to pay for the girl’s school fees and other needed stuffs because the girl is very intelligent unlike him.

The girl completed SHS and decided to further at a nursing training. He didn’t prevent the girl from going. He paid for her tertiary fees till the lady completed. 

One fateful day, the lady came over to his place and after sometime she slept. A particular number kept on calling the lady’s phone so he decided to check the caller. The contact was saved as “Sweet mom” so he picked up because the lady’s mom knows him.

Upon answering the call, he didn’t like what he heard. The “sweet mom” was actually a guy who had slept with the lady the day before and had asked the lady to take a contraceptive pill(postinor 2) but the lady refused. So he phoned the lady to insult her.

The lady’s boyfriend upon hearing this couldn’t maintain his composure. In order not to do anything stupid, he just decided to break up with the lady.

After some years , he saw the lady with two children look desolate and wretched. The lady asked him for money and his contact which he didn’t refuse her. Since then, the lady has been calling him asking when she can come over to his place but he doesn’t want the lady to come over because she’s married and has two children already. 

He advised other young men to be very careful with women and that “women are wicked”.

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