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When To Leave Her: Major Signs That Shows That You Should Leave Her

It is not strange that these types of ideas, in the form of doubts, generate discomfort and negative emotions. The main emotion is usually fear: fear that the relationship will fail, fear of wasting time, fear of losing that special person and everything built together. Fear of doubting. When doubts strike, they become a low blow to the relationship. This does not mean that doubts are the end; in fact, it is very normal for them to appear in a moment of crisis: most couples have them.

1. Too many things about your partner bother you (for example: their comments, their way of speaking, their behaviors, their clothing…). Sometimes you feel irritated with his presence, and very often you are thinking about things that you would like to change.

2. When you haven't been together for a while, you don't miss her or need contact. You feel that you are calmer alone, or with other people like your friends.

3. It gives you some qualms about presenting your partner in society. When you are with other people (like friends or family members of yours) you feel tense, because some of the things he says or does embarrass you.

4. It has been a long time since you express your feelings to your partner , nor are you born to make him some nice detail. You say expressions like "I love you" out of simple habit, or you don't even say it.

5. Your sexual desire is off. You have little or no sexual initiative, or your desire is unbalanced (one desires significantly more than the other, which often generates conflict).

6. A third person is beginning to take center stage in your life , even if it is difficult for you to recognize it. Probably, in this case, jealousy is also taking its toll on you and making the situation worse.

7. You have the feeling that you spend more time with your partner bad than good. The balance declines notably due to bad times, arguments, anger and estrangement.

8. You probably no longer have the same illusion for a future together in the medium term. You don't see that person in a few years. You would rather not make plans that involve compromise between the two of you.

9. You often think that you would be better off alone or with someone else. You often have the idea or plan to end the relationship, or you have already broken up several times in the last season.

10. You feel unmotivated, unwilling, you feel like "you don't care." Your emotions are asleep: you do not feel happiness, you do not feel anger or sadness, only indifference towards the relationship. This is what we often call “being about to be,” that is, continuing together out of habit or routine.

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