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Idioms about friendship.

Communicate in the same language.

To share the same perspective and attitude toward something. For example, we communicate in an equal language about everything.

Recognize someone inside out.

To realize a person or something very well.

An example, makes certain you realize him interior out earlier than you assert to his suggestion.

Get on like a residence on fireplace.

To like each different a lot and end up pals hastily.

Example. The primary time we talked, Ali and I were given on like a house on fireplace.

See eye to eye with a person.

To have an equal view approximately something, to completely trust a person.

Example. There is this kind of best couple. They see eye to eye on maximum matters.

A pal in want is a chum certainly.

A real buddy is always inclined to help, in particular for the duration of problems or hard situations.

Example. I always assist if I will due to the fact I believe that a friend in need is a chum certainly.

Lend your money, lose your friend.

In case you lend, you may bother your pal to pay off the loan, or your friend may also in no way pay off the loan. Both could make your friendship worse.

Example. Assume cautiously earlier than you lend him money; lend your cash. Lose your buddy.

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