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Husband and wife relationship

After Lady Rejected A Man Who Proposed Marriage To Her, Checkout What The Man Finally Did

After Lady Rejected A Man Who Proposed Marriage To Her, Checkout What The Man Finally Did

This is an interesting and mind-blowing story about a beautiful lady who surprised her family with her decision not to marry the rich man who came to seek her hands in marriage. As you are reading this story, I will leave you to decide if what the lady did was the right or wrong thing to do.

People who are with you when you don’t have a lot of money, who appreciate your person and not your wallet, these people are invaluable.

To have a smooth and peaceful life, money matters a lot especially after marraige. Comparison is the basis of human life with others. No Body can deny that. You need to provide min basic to luxury needs to your partner and future kids to have hassle free life.

Yes. Emotions and relations matter. But unfortunately, in this materilistically dominated world, emotions and relations are being carried out by money only. Your wife will love u more when I gift her a diamond ring on wedding anniversary. Your kids will love more when u celebrate their birth days lavishly.

Whatever any one says, money does matter. Absolutely matters.

I know that many women have chosen a life-long partner, but does it also entail the proposal to marry a successful, wealthy and intelligent man?

Alexandrie Nzoka, a pretty Alexandria woman, went on her site to tell her why she refused to marry that man, because she supports her decision. In her story, she refused to marry the man. "I refused to put forward a marriage offer because I didn't have a secure source of income, and even if the young man was cool and didn't have a job, I refused to have someone broken and married. The man eventually stopped talking with me and my family wasn't going to agree.

and I pray he invites me to his wedding".

He started speaking to her because she didn't want the man to marry. It's not just that. It's not just that.

I have questions that are as follows;

Do you think she's taken a positive decision?

Think you, he doesn't love the man when he is rich?

His dad embraced her decision because that would be of interest, would you blame the guy for his daughter's support?

Do you retain your ex malice because of the loss of the connection?

The guy, because she refused to marry him, stopped talking to her, is that right?

Think about it and like it. Let's think about it.

Let's have your thoughts in this regard, and feel free to like

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