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Guys, Learn 5 Ways To Make Love With Your Girl And She Will Stick With You Forever.

Your woman wants sex as much as you do, but sometimes she may be reluctant to take the first step. “This comes from many things. But one of them is that women fear that if they step out of traditional gender roles They won't be seen, accepted and appreciated as women,” says psychologist and relationship expert Tracy Thomas, PhD in Men's Health. Sometimes, she still feels that she may be rejected or unable to please you. but nothing to worry about You can edit it at any time. Here are some tips for getting her in the mood.

 1. Start early. 

The problem with seduction is that it should start before the clothes appear. Women need time to warm up. Therefore, start doing it first and you will get better results later. Do you want Her to lust for you? Start foreplay before you leave for work. Do it all day text her, call her, set her mood, and by the time you get home she will already be looking forward to meeting you. 

2. Create the atmosphere.

Women always feel that they need to be perfect in order to please you in bed. Create an atmosphere that makes him understand that you love her as she is and don't want anything else. Make her feel like letting go is okay and she can surrender to her sexual desires just like you.

 3. De-stress her 

When she's under a lot of pressure, it's not easy to get into the mood. Women are designed in such a way that when under pressure, they don't seek pleasure. The only thing they want to do is fix what is wrong. There are things on her list that take priority; cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and sometimes helping out was very painful. It's not so much about cleaning the house as about helping her understand that a clean home shouldn't take precedence over relationships. Tell her that you are happy to help her with the housework by spending time with her. 

4. Understand her point of view.

 Arguing and fighting can never create a good atmosphere for sex. In fact, it just pushes her away from you. A MensHealth expert said: “True is sometimes an obstacle to happiness and often an obstacle to romance. If you're having an important argument about your relationship, that's a whole different story. But if it's a casual discussion about action, politics, or superhero movies, you can give in to her point for once. It will do wonders for you, and you will be richly rewarded when you get close. 

5. Open your eyes and understand her signals.

You want her to initiate and then not close her off and ignore her when she tries. Give up, even if her attempt is badly in vain. At first, you might feel nervous because you might turn it down. bone Women aren't used to being rejected when it comes to sex, so it's really important that you don't. When you start out, be positive about it, let her feel that vibe and she will do it often. 

6. Her happiness and pleasure should be your priority. 

It's all about being generous. Lay in bed and you'll enjoy your sex life more than you can imagine. if you succeed She will reward you too. She'll focus on satisfying you and having more sex. Figure out what she likes and do it more often. If you think she likes something and is not open about it, ask her, get her to talk when you are not in bed with her.

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