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Funny Pics;When I tell you, your bady have crazy reaction feelings you wouldn't understand.

When I tell that the bady sitting there is already aware of the world around itself- it is fully invested feelings, you would not understand but I know that some will agree with the fact to even the expend that they (children) are coming from an other galaxy which they were aready adults there!.

Well enjoy these insane moments of babies got on camera;When your bady have had enough of all the funny tricks you have been playing and he wants to feed real badly. No more jokes dad!.Well, when dady suddenly changes the TV station from kids' show to sports or news.When small Tomy had had enough with big brother and wants to settle the score with big brother.Oh yes...When invested into the cartoon world too much.That is what you get from your dear.Haha...Lastly, when he have had enough of the medical check ups and the prescribed doctor medicines.

Hope you enjoy.

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