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"Fear Women" - Meet The Armless Driver And A Degree Holder Who Was Sent To Square Zero By His Wife

As you can see for yourself he has no arms, he goes by the name Emmanuel. Though he has no arms, these does not make him lose hope for the future but motivates him in trying whatever he can do with his two powerful legs. He can drive yes! He can drive as good as any other driver with his legs, he can write with a very good handwriting as well as some other more.

He lives with four daughters and according to him their mother left them alone. Instead of him taking care of the children the children rather takes care of him since he is disabled. They said they are living a very complicated life and this was how it all started.

Emmanuel was born in 1981 which means he is 40 years old now. He was born without arms and ever since he realized he had no arms life became very complicated for him. At first he lost hope as a young boy who was worried about his future, yet he learned how to cope with life in his situation. He later adopted to live in such a life without arms.

Although he had no arms, he still went to school and studied with other normal children. And he could even outshine them in class. He can write each and everything with a pen at his feet in an even more beautiful handwriting. He studied well in school and after completing high school he was lucky to get a sponsor who was willing to pay his university studies in Italy.

Time came and he had a problem with his legs because he used it in performing many activities, he was taken to Italy to be treated. He continued his studies in Italy after treatment where he specialized science and technology. He spent 10 years in Italy and later had to return home because he was off age and ready for marriage.

Fortunately for him he met a woman on his return and they got married. They were later blessed with for daughters. He said at first he had fears that getting a wife will be hard for him but it turned out to be much easier than he thought.

Later the unexpected happened, his wife changed towards them and became evil according to the man. He abandoned the four children and the disabled husband. The way he quickly got a partner was too fast that it surprised him. Due to what happened to him, he support 100% the statement which goes “easy come easy go”.

Life became more difficult after the wife left them because she took and sold almost every property that they had. She left them with totally nothing and now the man has started from the scratch. She left when their last born was 7 years of age. It was just two years ago all these happened.

The children now does everything for themselves but they need support since they are young and their dad is disabled. Now the children are the ones taking care of their father including bathing him. To him this is a big problem but has no solution to it except for him to bring in another wife. But since he was disappointed by his first after having four children he is just afraid to bring in another.

All his daughters are in school now and since he is their father he had to provide for all of them. Even though he is armless, he has a Bachelor’s Degree but has not gotten any job opportunity. He always spent his time at home and wishes to get one soon.

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Emmanuel Fear


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