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Is it possible that I've fallen in love with my 'mad' ex-lover? A married woman's dilemma.

Last year, my husband was driving me to work when I noticed a familiar face opposite the Neoplan bus stop. On that route, traffic was usually heavy in the mornings; that's how I saw him.

At Legon, he was a former coursemate. We used to date as well. We were together for three (3) years.

He appeared'mad,' as he was filthy and in tatters. I recognized him right away, and I believe he did as well when he saw me. He got closer to my husband's car and smiled at me.My husband noticed it as well and burst out laughing. He tapped on the glass, but I refused to roll it down. My husband asked who he was; when he called out my name, I was lying about his identity. My husband heard him because he read his lips.

The vehicles ahead of us began to move. We were driving slowly, but this guy wouldn't let up. Depending on his speed, he walked or ran by my husband's car. My husband even switched lanes just to annoy him, but he kept jogging and tailing our car until we had the opportunity to speed away.

I'm not sure what caused his current mental illness, but I do know he never returned to school - the following semester, after our breakup.I was unable to tell my husband about him.

The thing is, I ran into him again in traffic last September 15th, and I stopped by his side to talk. He was capable of carrying on a meaningful conversation. He was speaking perfect English. That day, I bought him yoghurt, water, and food, and I paid a Waakye vendor to feed him lunch and dinner.

I asked him to meet me the next day at the same location and time, and he did.I gave him some of my husband's old clothes and cooked for him. I discovered where he slept at night and hired food vendors to feed him every afternoon and evening for four (4) months. All of that was paid for by me.

Friends who remembered him told me that he dropped out of school and kind of checked out because he couldn't deal with our breakup. I abandoned him in search of a 'Sugar Daddy.' That was at the University in 1999.

During our numerous conversations, whenever I passed by his neighborhood, he couldn't stop telling me how much he loves and misses me. I kept everything from my husband.

I've been married to a wonderful young man for three years, and I just found out I'm pregnant at seven weeks. My husband left on a three-week trip on February 12, 2017. That same day, I called in sick to work. But I wasn't ill at all. I was in desperate need of a day off.

I drove my friend home to take a shower. I changed his clothes and gave him a new pair of sandals. I took him to a barbershop to get his hair cut. I had previously discussed him with a former school colleague who is now a medical doctor at the 37 Military Hospital, in order to conduct a round-up checkup on him.

I brought him home from the hospital, cooked for him, and kept him entertained for hours until it was late.

He raped me that evening after forcing himself on me. I'm not sure if it was 'all' rape because I willingly gave in to him at a point in my struggle. He apologized to me later and told me he hadn't been with anyone else since he stopped going to school. I dropped him off at his usual intersection, and that was the end of it: I tried to avoid him. I haven't stopped paying for his food (via Mobile money) every week to two different food vendors. And I mostly call to find out how he is doing.I believe I am carrying his child.

My husband is overjoyed about our first pregnancy, but I am completely perplexed. I certainly did not tell him about the events that occurred, and I have no plans to do so; however, I believe I have begun to develop feelings for my friend.

Perhaps I preferred his sex to that of my husband. Perhaps I miss him or can't stop thinking about him. Maybe I still like him, or maybe I never got over him. Maybe I'm feeling all of these emotions because I'm carrying his child. His test results were all negative. He is in excellent health. Even his HIV test result was also negative.

I am just confused.

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