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Husband and wife relationship

People discouraged my husband from marrying me because I didn’t have documents - US-based Ghanaian

US-based Ghanaian Victoria Danso has revealed that her father-in-law and some Ghanaians in her community discouraged her husband from marrying her because she was not a US resident.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Mrs Danso indicated that she got the opportunity to travel to the US for a short stay while at the University of Ghana. However, she met a man who fell in love with her and encouraged her to transfer her studies to the US.

Eventually, he married her, but it came with disapproval from his family and gossip from the Ghanaian community. 

“Ghanaians in the area said a lot. They said I just came and wondered why a man would want to marry me. Some said I should go back to school. Ghanaians think that once they found it hard to get the documents, the rest must hustle for it too,” she said.

Despite the many discouragements, Mrs Danso mentioned that her husband did not lose confidence in the love he had for her and went on to marry her. 

“We got married six months after and covered me with his documents. So I’m grateful for that.”

Moreover, Victoria stated that many people have become sceptical about getting a residence permit through marriage due to past experiences.

“I’ve witnessed situations where they split up after getting the permit. That is why people prefer to marry without bringing in a residence permit,” she added. 

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