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"I've Been Married by 9 Men in a Span of 14 Years, They Abandoned me Because I'm Barren" Lady Claims

A lady by the name Jedidiah has narrated how she had being married by 9 different men in a spam of 14years but they all left her because she is barren.

It has been reported that Jedidah was forced to leave school at an early age due to lack of money to pay her school fees, and she was layer promptly employed in the domestic service industry where she met and wed her first husband.

After a year, the couple had already divorced because of her infertility and unable to bear children. This is the ninth time she has married a man and each time they have divorced because of the same issue.

In spite of the fact that she claims to have visited numerous hospitals and that all of the tests performed on her have resulted in a negative, she has never given birth to a child, and this always makes her cry.

She's been to three churches because she's so desperate for a child that the pastors always invite Jedidah to spend the night with them in an attempt to bless Jedidah with a child, but that hasn't worked either.

She says she regrets everything and has resolved to remain single while she awaits the will of God. She claims to be waiting for God's perfect time. She's also asked all parents to be joyful and grateful whenever they are with their children since that's the only happiness she wants.

Source: Faraja TV

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Barren Jedidah Jedidiah Lady Claims


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