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Two Kumericans find love on date rush

The flip edition of the popular and most entertaining show on TV date rush began this week. In this edition, 10 guys stand behind their rushes while a lady comes in intending to get a date. The first lady to come in was the beautiful and gorgeous Nana Akua. She resides at and schools in Kumasi. She’s a lady with much passion for journalism and aspires to be one. She spoke about her previous relationship which ended in tears.

She further stated that she found out with the help of her friend that she was dating a married man. When it was time for the guys to make a decision, some guys turned off their rushes emphasizing that a long-distance relationship was going to be a problem. Nana Akua looked okay with most of the guys on the show but finally had to choose between Rockson and Evans. At this stage of the show, Nana Akua had the opportunity to ask these 2 gentlemen a question. But to our surprise, she ended up asking 2 questions. Well, her second question was a very interesting one with both guys providing very funny but true answers. She asked if we are dating and about getting married and you find out I’m a sickler, would you still accept me? Evans set the ball rolling by saying he has been single for a while so if the lady dies, life goes on. Rockson’s answer was no different from his.

Rockson had already encountered such a situation where his ex-girlfriend who was also a sickler passed on. These answers seem to have shocked Nana Ama but at the end of the day, he decided to turn off Rockson’s rush and go in for Evans. Evans, at the start of the show also introduced himself as a Kumerican and a businessman. They would be going for their date and we would be waiting to see the outcome of it. Follow us for all the latest updates on their date rush.

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