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Good News To Ghanaian Ladies; Do These And He Will Stop Coming Home Late In The Night

Any human being on earth that says that being in a relationship or being marriage is an easy task then that person is not being truthful to himself and the entire world. But it can be a bit easier if you get to know what your partner wants.

It is very true that one's adaptation to the partners behavior can help both to stay for a very long time and that also includes the woman finding out what her man wants and does not want at a particular period of time and the makes it hardest phenomenon.

Women normally suffer when it comes to a partner coming home very late and most importantly late in the night.

Most ladies would have to wait for hours before their husbands return from wherever they went to and this has caused several collapse of marriages and relationships. This is not a very big deal and it's not actually something that can break your relationship or marriage.

Now before before we solve the above topic let's take a look at some of the reasons why some men mostly comes home late and doesn't even eat your food.

Men are the type that need to be cared for just like ladies. Just like most women will say, I need a caring man or husband it is this same way that men also needs to be cared for. He has not been coming home whiles you are awake because someone else out there is busy cooking for him, bath with him, feed him, care for him till he falls asleep and the others.

A man who always comes home to meet her wife insulting and and nagging will never come home early or might even sleep in a hotel and might have gotten himself a new lady or girlfriend.

Now as a lady whats your the responsibility for making the man you love come me back to you everyday?

1. Try and show a caring attitude whenever you are with him.

2. Stop the consistent nagging and unnecessary complaint.

3. Give him all the respect he deserves. It has been there since time immemorial that men normally see love as respect. So respecting him and the role he plays in the house gives him the tells him that this lady loves me.

4. Whenever he comes home late, please take your time and ask her questions about where he went.

5. Play with him everyday, do not give the opportunity to someone to play with her, the moment that happens then he will always find happiness outside instead of home.

6. Teach him to do things that he cannot do. It could be spending time with him to learn how to cook. Use ways and means to lure him or take him with you to the salon and others.

7. Take him out on a date. Men have the opinion that going out on a date is always the responsibility of the man, so you doing that gives him a different perception about you.

If all these things are put into use, he will not stay outside besides he enjoys his home and his woman so what's the need to stay outside or be with a different woman.

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