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After Stealing My Mother’s Money To Pay For His Flight, He Later Did This To Me (Fiction)

Love is beautiful I once thought until the unexpected happened between me and my boyfriend.

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My name is Sarah and I live with mom who is a banker, my dad left my mom when I was 15 and this left my mom on a tough situation as she had to take responsibility for me and my younger brother who was just 6-year-old.

After I got into the university, I had met my boyfriend ‘James’ who was an engineering student while I was a business student.

After some years, we both graduated from the university and it was time for us to move our relationship to the next level as the thought of marriage came into our minds.

James in the other hand had told me he needed more time and that he needed to travel to England to search for greener pasture.

I wasn’t comfortable with his idea but I had no choice than to let him be, he had saved some huge amount of money for his long trip to England.

Although, the money wasn’t completely enough for his trip and accommodation to England as he need some extra cash to be able to accomplish his mission.

I had no money in my account and neither did my friends, I had no choice than to take some amount about €13,000 to support my boyfriend’s dream.

My mom got so mad at me after finding out what I did, she almost sent me packing if not for the intervention of our kind hearted neighbors who calmed her down.

When he left, I felt completely alone except for his calls that gives me hope, we talked on phone almost all the time as if he never left.

After a while, he told me he had gotten a good job in a company in England as a good friend of his helped him secure a good job.

I was so happy and fulfilled as I knew he would surely come to take me with him very soon.

Unfortunately, he stopped calling me, when I tries to call him he always pick up excuses that he is busy, things continue like that until he stopped picking my calls.

8 months later, I was told by my friend that my boyfriend had returned from England I was shocked to hear the news as I rushed to visit him.

Unfortunately, I burst into tears when I knocked at his door, a white lady had opened the door, I was shocked and surprise and I saw James.

I tried to huge him but he didn’t take my hug instead he thanked me for what I did and promise to offer €100,000 to compensate me for my good heart as he was going to marry the white lady and not me.

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