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Fame, Power And Money Are Attractive To Women - KKD Reveals

Media, Brand, and Culture Icon, King Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, KKD has expressed that, every person a has a preference when it comes to choosing a life partner. According to him, it is a natural law of choices that both s.exes follow.

On Joy Fm’s late afternoon show, the media Guru expressed that women, seem to be the other and caretakers of the house show much interest in people who have power. This translates that, women like men who are powerful and hold powerful positions in the society. In other words, people who hold power either political or social authority.

KKD explained that money and fame cannot be taken out from the preferences of women. He explained that possessing these either having so much money or being a famous person, comes with hate from the same fellow s.ex 

"The possession of these three key things will have a lot of enemies. I mean women have a lot of things they look for in a man. And they are three key things. Apart from the fact that they want a true companion for life, fame is attractive to women, power is attractive to women and money is attractive to women. So if you have any of these, fellow men will be jealous of you. And will dislike you" he said.

"Aside from that, there are a lot that men look for in women. Apart from the fact that they want a true companion, we are looking for youth, beauty and service. And any woman h ing at of these will get other women being jealous of them. So you ask yourself if you have any of these. Once you understand this philosophy of life, After identifying then you come to the household of enemies" he added. 

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Culture Icon Guru KKD Kwasi Kyei Darkwah


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