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Benefits Of Kissing In A Relationship

Kissing is a sensual act that expresses love, emotions and care between a man and a woman in love and this is mostly appropriate between married couples. It goes beyond and helps to express our feelings which we can not even say verbally.  In short a kiss can be an expression of love, intimacy, friendship, apology  depending on whom it is coming from and his or her reasoning for the kiss.

Whilst most partners express love to their partners with gifts of all kinds, some also expressed it with hugs and passionate kisses. Because no matter which kind of kissing you give or receive it makes you feel good and loved and this sparks an uncontrollable

In my article, I would like to talk about some benefits of kissing in a relationship but more in a marriage relationship.

Kissing gives stimulation of production of saliva and it is therefore good for oral health. Therefore a deeply passionate kiss from your man or woman can help keep your teeth and gums more healthy. Not to forget that we need to keep our teeth clean and fresh for our partners to feel good when the act is done.

Kissing also goes a long way to relieves us from stress. That is when you and your spouse time up well for a kiss, it acts as a powerful stress booster and also as anti aging  to keep you youthful. 

One thing that lowers blood pressure is kissing because lips are made up of blood vessels so when you kiss by locking lips, you turn to dilate those blood vessels. And when dilation takes place, it allows blood to flow more freely by the taking of pressure of our organs.

To cut a long story short, kissing is good for the overall health of the human heart.

So whilst you are enjoying your feelings of kissing your spouse for your best feelings you are at the same time bringing good health to both your heart and your entire body.

Kissing promotes intimacy and arouses couples sexually and it is the most powerful and most  romantic type of foreplay which makes sex a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience never to be forgotten.

Therefore if you are a married individual who doesn't know how to kiss, let your spouse confidently teach you how to do it. If not, you are losing big time. Thanks so much for reading. Please comment down there, share and kindly follow for more lovely articles.

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