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Funniest Joke in the world.


If you live with a woman and she has a job while you do not have one dont worry. Whenever she gets up to go to work, you get up and do something. Just put some work boot and sit on the porch until she leaves. Get your old shirt from when you used to work at TacoBell and say, 'Danniel called you.He said he needs me for the lunch rush.' Make her think you got something to do. Because Women don't like when you just lay on their porch all day.


A newly couple decided they wanted child, but the don't know how to go about it. Questions and conversations with friends and relatives proved no help, until a neighbor said they should go to town and ask the Big City Doctor. The doctor let them look at a child's book about where babies came from, but to no avail. He tried his own explanation but was met with blank stares. Exasperated, he took them to his private office and showed them a porno movie. This was also useless. Angrily, he ordered the girl to strip, told the man to watch and had sex with her on the couch. ''Now, do you understand?''he asked. ''I just have one question. How many times a week do I have to bring her in for this?''

If you were the doctor, what will you do? Send your answer by typing it in the comment section.

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Big TacoBell


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