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“I Forced My Cousin To Have Many Rounds Of Sex With Me And He Died Whiles Doing It”- Lady Confesses

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We hear series of shocking news and stories of people day in day out yet still we do not learn any lessons from these stories. A young lady has taken to Facebook a post in which she deemed a confession about a bad deed she committed sometime ago. She has really regretted her actions considering her mood as she shared and confessed her sins. This is what she shared:

She visited her uncle during her free days and her uncle was really excited to see her. It was a good time for the visit, her uncle said as he was travelling to Europe for a short term activity together with his wife hence, she can assist their only son in everything at home. They left leaving behind she and her cousin.

She revealed that, her cousin was really handsome to the extent that, she could look at him with her mouth opened. She then developed feelings for him for which she planned of doing the wrong with him. She one day bumped into his room without his knowledge. He was really confused but considered it normal for it was his own sister. She confessed touching him on viral areas just to turn him on and befall her temptations.

Lo and behold, he fell for her temptations for he could not stand the touchings. He made it clear to her that, this will be his first time of having an affair with a lady for which she did not border to let him go. They had an affair alright but he got tired along the line for which she still insisted that he should push more for she has not reached orgasm. Out of the blue, he felt unconscious and she rushed him to the hospital.

She was told that, her cousin has passed on. She did not know what to do next so she lied to her uncle telling him his son felt feverish and she rushed him to the hospital which resulted in his demise. Her uncle came down and they did all necessary rites.

She revealed that, since her cousins passed on, she has been experiencing series of nightmares and torments of her cousin for which she thought it wise to confess her sins. She also pleaded on behalf on netizens to help her out in any way which they can.

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