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8 Perfect Strategies On How To Date A Lady Who Is 10 Years Younger

Meeting someone you like and could see yourself with long-term is wonderful but if there’s an age gap between you two, it could give you some pause. Dating someone 10 years younger than you might sound like a stretch, but in reality, age gap relationships can last just as long as other relationships. In this article, I have gathered a list of tips to keep in mind as you nurture your partnership to attract and keep a beautiful woman.

Grow closer to each other with common interests. You two will most likely bond over what you have in common. Just like a relationship with a woman your own age, you should spend time doing things you love together as a couple. Try not to think of your age as a hindrance to this fact if you two are right for each other, you’re going to find a couple of things that you have in common. For instance, maybe you’re both foodies and you love trying new restaurants. You could each suggest a new place and pick one for a date night. Or, maybe you’re both voracious readers. Try taking her on a date to the bookstore, then get coffee afterward.

Treat her like an equal partner.

Age is just a number, and you two are in an equal partnership together. You may have had more life experience at this point, but you still need to work together to make decisions and create future plans. It’s fine to take the lead on some things, but if you overpower her in the relationship constantly, issues could happen over time. Even little things, like asking her where she wants to go to dinner or deciding where to vacation together, will help ensure that you’re both on even footing.

Take her out on the town.

Since she’s younger, she might be more into going out. This isn’t true for all women, of course, so you’ll have to spend a little time getting to know more about her. However, if she wants to go out every weekend but you just want to stay at home, you may have to make a few compromises. Try taking her up on a few of her offers to go out you might just have a great time! It’s totally fine to send her out with friends every now and then, too. Just try not to do it all the time.

Try to keep up with her sexually. Depending on your age range, your libidos might be slightly mismatched. Women tend to hit their sexual peaks in their 30s or 40s if she’s nearing or in that range, you’re probably going to have a fun time in the bedroom. It’s totally fine to tell her “not tonight,” but you may also want to practice foreplay and use other forms of intimacy to keep her satisfied. If you do end up telling her no (which, again, is totally fine), be sure to remind her that it’s not because you don't find her attractive.

Be dependable. Older people have a reputation for being more reliable. While you don’t have to be mature and serious in every situation, you should try to make plans and stick to them. A lot of times, younger people will go for someone older because they’re tired of the wishy-washy nature of people their own age. Stick to your word, and the woman you’re dating is most likely going to be impressed. Try to stay in contact with her too, especially when you first start dating. Waiting a while before asking someone on a date again is a young person’s game, so you don’t need to do that.

Let her live her own life. She might have friends or hobbies you aren’t involved in, and that’s okay. If she’s too busy to hang out with you one weekend, take advantage of the free time and spend some time on your own. You’re both going to have interests and friendships that the other person isn’t a part of, which is a great sign of a healthy relationship. This can be even more true in age gap relationships. Since you two are in different life stages, she might have different interests than you do, which is fine.

Give her advice if she asks. The key here is to try not to lecture her. Since you’re a bit older, you have more life experience, which can be very valuable to someone who is young. However, constantly giving your date life advice can skew the dynamics a bit, and it can sometimes feel like you’re talking to a child instead of a romantic partner. If she needs help, she’ll ask you otherwise, try not to do it too often. For instance, maybe you can help her out with a 401(k), or figuring out how to quit her job. Advice like this can be super useful, especially coming from a partner.

Talk about your relationship expectations. Make sure you both have similar goals for the future. Since she’s younger, she might be satisfied traveling or focusing on her career for a while until settling down. If that lines up with your plans, great! If not, have a serious chat about your timeline and what you’d like to accomplish. Having children is another big factor that you two should definitely discuss. If you have kids, do you want any more? If she doesn’t have kids, would she like to have them in the future?

Talk about relationship issues with her. Age gap relationships can have slightly more issues than other relationships. If anything serious crops up, be sure to keep an open line of communication with her so you two can chat about your issues. Check in with her often by asking things like, “Are you happy in our relationship?” and, “How do you feel our relationship is going?” Studies show that as age gap relationships progress, satisfaction tends to lower for some partners. If you do get serious and problems start to crop up, consider seeing a couple’s counselor.

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