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Stay Single Until You Meet A Man Like This

We are in dispensation where single women are desiring and praying to get a suitable man to marry.

Most of these women move from prayer service to prayer service, others move from where they have their belief there to other places they believe. They do all these for them to have a man who they can boast of as their fiance.

Some women go to various photo studios for photo shoots just to put on social media and dating sites only to meet or get a man. And they do meet a lot of men on the dating sites.

But the funny part is that there are some men you need not to date at all as a single. Instead of dating them to occupy space, you must  stay single until you meet these very guys I am about to write about. 

First and foremost, as a woman who is praying and believing in God for a husband, one of the qualities you should look for in a man is the one who will take you home to meet his parents.

Oftentimes, it is normally the women who take  their guys home to meet their families but guys are relentless about these issues unless they truly love and trust you as well as know the disadvantages of losing you.

The second qualities to look for in your kind of man or you should stay single is a man who makes you look comfortable and your true self in your relationship. Do you honestly have an emotional connection with the man?

If your answer to this question is a big no, then please be yourself and stay single until you find your rightful guy for a relationship which will lead to marriage. 

The third thing is stay single until you meet a man who would not take you for granted by playing games with you. A man who is honest with himself and will not hide you when you get to public but will rather hold you close to show how proud he is to walk with you.

The fourth you should check on your man well or you stay single is when your guy only expects you the woman to always put in effort to build the relationship.

That is if you're the one who contacts him, to set plans for everything that has to do with you both, then this man must be avoided. Remember the relationship is for both of you to build it up and you must spend time together and get to know yourselves well. I do not mean you should live in the same apartment.

But when you’re doing all it takes to give up the relationship without getting nothing in return, then being single is better than hooking up with this guy.

Thank you very much. Please liking, commenting, sharing and following me will always bring an update.

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