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Fifteen Worst Mistakes A Lady Can Commit In Her Life

In this particular write-up, we are going to look at 15 worst mistakes a girl can commit in her life.

Choosing a partner solely on the basis of looks or money.

Video chats or sending nude pics on electronic media.Everything deleted or saved is shareable.

Being careless in education in hope of becoming a housewife some day. Be a house wife but education is still your biggest asset.

Being over conscious about their looks, you are you and you are beautiful.

Not reporting any sexual misconduct. it would be repeated or you would be blackmailed, don't wait! Humbly say “no!” Don't say “I will see!” be clear if you don’t like a person otherwise they will keep on stalking and convincing you.

Being arrogant for being beautiful. You are being stupid! that's it! Blindly trusting people. (don't blind fold your eyes and mind).

Succumbing to humiliation and swears of parents and compromising on life partner. (my open advice on the basis of experience, go against your parents, you are a better judge of your life).

Having misguiding friends. (Be selective in friendship, every likeminded person is not a friend).

Not asking out their love interest. Sometimes you have to break the shackles & ask out!

Ignoring symptoms like lump in breast, excessive bleeding, missing periods, discharge etc For God's sake just visit a gynecologist! even if you are in 20's.

Judging in-laws on the basis of “relationship title” and not their behaviour.

Sharing all secrets with some “close” people who have something else cooking in mind.

Getting work done in exchange of sexual favours.

Not responding to physical assault by husband. (He will hit you more & the frequency of torture would keep increasing).

Not valuing her parents after marriage. Confusing “infatuation” as “love” (give time, develop mutual trust & check compatibility) Over compromising or not compromising at all in a relationship.

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