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Do not propose after spotting these behaviors or she will disgrace you.

The shame attached to being rejected by your loved one is capable of lingering in your mind for a very long time. It gives you an exposure about how insecure you have been throughout the whole time you dated.

Many people are happily in various relationships but factoring the truth into the scene, these people are literally dating themselves because their partners have no love for them. They are just lingering around till they get to meet the person they really want to be with.

This is how diluted love has been in this present day. You might be taking a relationship very seriously with the intention of marrying your partner but they might also be starring at you, and equating you to a huge burden they have come across. It is their prayer that you even leave them so they have a peace of mind.

Many men propose to their long term girlfriends and end up regretting their actions. What I don't understand about most of them is their choice of place for proposing. These days, most men kneel in front of their girlfriends at public places, thereby catching all the attention. All eyes moves to their direction and the noise generated is usually intense since many people will be shouting.

Some women are naturally shy and would reject such a proposal not because they don't love you, but because they think it wasn't the right thing to do. For some of them, they just don't want to be with the men who propose to them. They were probably staying around due to some material benefits they would gain from them. I am pretty sure that is what this guy over her faced.

He proposed with smiles only to end up crying. The love of his life was the love of someone's life instead. The heartbreak was so intense such that somebody had to approach and console him.

The rate at which men are being rejected after proposing is very high. How do you know that your lover is just a friend and has no intimate relationship with you in mind? Well, don't worry, I made a little research and found out some signs which will probably give you a hint that your girlfriend has no interest in you. These hints will let you come to the realization that she will "bounce" you when you decide to propose love to her. Let's go through some of them below;

1. When she always changes the topic when you talk about marriage.

Whenever your girlfriend decides to divert from a marital topic, just know that you may not be the one she's dreaming of being with in the future.

2. When she starts blaming you for everything

This happens when the interest she has in you is lost. For such ladies, normally, during the start of the relationship, they will not attack you for the little mistakes you do but when the interest gets lost, every little thing you will do will get them pissed off.

3. When she starts moving with other guys

She will tell you the guys she is moving with is a friend but upon looking at their actions, you do see that their relationship goes beyond friendship. Normally, some girls do that to make you see that you better find someone else.

If she does these three key things, please don't rush things because she might disgrace you in public

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