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If your crush shows these signs he or she likes you back

Many people are finding it difficult to ascertain whether their crush also like them back. In this article, we are going look at how you can notice if your crush also likes you back. The following are some of the things your crush who loves you back may depicts.

1. They smile when you are talking to them, or see you from a distance (either one). Inevitably, if this person likes you, you’ll be able to make them truly smile. We’re talking teeth here. Bonus for you if you are naturally witty/sarcastic/easygoing. In the beginning of your interactions with each other, your crush will naturally agree with most of your opinions. If you state an opinion that they absolutely don’t agree with, they will disagree in a lighthearted and joking manner.

2. They will want to talk to you, and they will find ways to do just that, and I mean going out of their way to approach you in person or online. This one is harder to spot depending on the situation, but if they’re going out of their way to talk to you with no apparent reason, that’s a clear sign.

3. They will remember things you said. After some time of getting to know you, they will remember little details. You will know when this happens because it will pleasantly surprise you.

4. You always tend to find them staring at you. Sometimes when get caught they tend to turn away their face and sometimes with a smile?Whenever you are having conversations with them, look very carefully at the eye. The pupil shall tend to get dilated, It's complete science that pupils tend to get dilated on attractiveness. On the other hand, do they always avoid looking at you, no matter what? Not looking at someone might mean they're trying to keep their crush secret and don't want you to know. Get a trusted friend to look at them during class or at recess; have the friend see whether your crush looks at you, and for how long. If they're constantly staring in your direction for minutes at a time, they're really crushing hard. Notice what information they give you.

5. Their voice get louder when they're talking to other people around you? It could be a sign that they want you to listen or pay attention to them. Do they make little excuses to be around you? Do they ask you for the homework problems, or sit next to you in class, or pick you to be on their team for recess sports? It could mean something!

6. Whether or not it's conscious, someone who likes you will generally find excuses to touch you.They might put their hand on your shoulder, or accidentally walk into you in the halls, or wipe something random off your face. Do they tickle you or tease with their hands? Do they throw random things at you in an effort to get your attention?

7. “Fixing” themselves up. During conversation, they are nervous and fidgety. Their movements will gravitate towards smoothing out their shirt, messing with their hair, fixing their glasses. Anything that involves straightening out their appearance.

Their feet point towards you. Another deeply subconscious indicator. If this person is into you, their feet will point towards you naturally. They may not be completely facing you, just pay attention to the feet. That’s the body saying, “I want to face this person!”

I tried to pick out clear indicators that could be interchangeable between male and females, and also between different personalities. The major takeaway: if you get a gut feeling they like you, I would trust that gut feeling.

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