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I’m in love with my Landlord

ince I'm an indoor remaining kind of individual, my property manager became companions with me. As time went on, he turned into my absolute best companion that we talked about every little thing about us. 

He lives with his sweetheart and two children. I could generally detect something wasn't right with him since he generally looked calm and pitiful. Yet, since he became companions with me he got cheerful. We talked, and did most things together. 

My cousin is fixated on me 

About his set of experiences with his sweetheart, he said she is a cheat and ill bred to him, however he actually remained with her for his children. They have separated severally in any event, when I hadn't come to remain in the house, since she acted up by abusing him. 

He's sacked a couple of times yet she generally went to beg somebody noticeable to come and ask for her benefit. At that point he will excuse her just for her to rehash it some other time. 

We turned out to be near such an extent that one thing prompted the other and we engaged in sexual relations. It proceeded for at some point, at that point one day he asked me what should he do concerning her. I disclosed to him that I am not the best individual to prompt him so he should look for guidance from an older individual. 

At some point, I messaged him and disclosed to him I'm not open to laying down with another lady's man, and I am upset for causing him torment. He advised me to erase it which I didn't so he revealed to me he's likewise heartbroken and will accept me as the sister he won't ever have. 

The following day, he came into my room and we almost engaged in sexual relations yet I halted him. Presently I love him sooo much and don't have the foggiest idea what to do. Please I need your recommendation on this. No affronts please.

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