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3 Signs Which Show That Your Boyfriend Loves You Without Saying It

1. Maybe he offers to pick you up from work when your car is in the shop.

Or, maybe he brings you your favorite soup when you’re sick. Little things like this don’t seem like much in the moment, but when someone does them for you, it means they really care about you.

He might even do things for you that inconvenience him, like driving a few hours to see you or heading out of his way to pick you up and drop you off.

2. These could be vacations, living situations, or career moves.

When he includes you in his plans for the future, it means that he sees this relationship lasting long-term. This is a great sign, because it shows that he loves and cares about you a lot.

For instance, when he thinks about which city he wants to live in, he might also ask if you’d be able to get a job in that area.

Or, if he’s planning a vacation, he might invite you along and see which dates are good for you.

3.This shows that he really wants to hear what you have to say. If you two start talking, he’ll put down his phone or close his laptop to pay attention. He’s showing you that you’re an important part of his life, and he wants to hear what you have to say.

Does he make eye contact, lean in closer, and nod as you're talking to him? He's showing you that he's listening.

We all get distracted by our phones from time to time, so don’t be too worried if he gets stuck looking at a screen every once in a while. If he makes it a point to listen to you the majority of the time, then he may have strong feelings for you.

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