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Guys, Here Are Things To Discuss When You First Meet A Lady You Love

Having a poor conversation with a lady as a man, most especially on a first date is one style that can reduce your chances of winning her interest. Lacking the ability to have an active and humorous conversation might send a negative impression which might not be a good signal for starting a relationship. 

As a man who intends to take a lady on a date for the first time, it then becomes important to be lively and positive in your conversations and decent in your choice of questions. Doing these will place you at an advantageous point in starting a healthy relationship with her. 

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 6 topic ideas you can use on your first date to make it interesting and worthwhile. See them below. 

Your hobbies.

When on a first date, it is vital to discuss your hobbies and that of your partner. Being open about what makes you happy and equally knowing that of your partner will help foster mutual connectivity and alignment. For instance, having a partner whose line of interest or hobbies are similar to yours will breed room for more interaction together. Romantic partners tend to get along when they share similar interests. 

Your ambition or future goals.

Asking your partner about their plans and future goals is another important topic to discuss that will make you ascertain your level of compatibility with them. Although many people feel it is inappropriate to ask a person about their goals on the first date, it is the best thing to do regardless. Asking questions like; what do you hope to do in future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will make you both understand each other better and set priorities together. 

Your passion. 

Quite similar to the first point, asking your prospective partner about what they feel passionate about is also an avenue of knowing them better. This question can also be used as an appraisal to measure your level of affinity with them. 

Family and friends.

Although, many people feel unease when asked about their family background on a first date, however, it's still a welcoming approach in my opinion. Having a piece of information about your intending partner will give you a better insight into their origin and tradition. Knowing their kind of friends as well will also help you understand their personality and values. 

Philosophy or perspective on life and situations.

Learning about the philosophy, opinion and approach to people and situations of your partner is a factor that will greatly determine the success of the relationship. Ascertaining these facts about them will make you understand their attitude and lifestyle. Questioning your intending partner about their values, interest and passion will reveal your compatibility level with them. 

Likes and dislikes. 

Knowing the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of your intending partner is another core area that will give you more information about them and will equally determine the way you relate with them. Being with a person who likes almost everything you hate is an early sign of a toxic relationship when not properly managed. Thus, it becomes important to get acquitted in these areas by asking questions. 


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