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Distance Relationship Hard Truth That Will Blow Your Mind.

You will definitely consider your home a paradise if you fall in love with a virtuous woman, trust me, you will understand the word "Love".

Have you ever being in a distance relationship? If yes!! You had a time asked yourself if your partner is cheating on you or not. Depending on the attitude you get from them, from time to time. 

This Article is just an example of distanced relationship that will blow your mind. But take it easy if you are going through a toxic distance relationship. 

Two lovers are in a serious relationship, but because of jobs opportunity, the guy left the city. Not very long a go and the lady also left the city to a different city from that of her lover. Though the connection was still there as they always call, texts and do video calls. 

During another phone call, the guy invited his girlfriend to visit, and she promise she will. The weekends was here and she honored her promise as she arrived at the bus station and call him to come and take her home. 

With much joy and excitements, the guy drove there and gave her a ride home. Quickly, he went back to the kitchen to finish his jollof rice cooking. In no time the food was ready for both of them to eat. 

Whilst they are eating, his girlfriend received a phone call, and again. Over, and over. The guy was irritated but didn't complain to her. 

Finally they finished eating. Surprisingly, the lady asked "in a conversation..."

Lady: why didn't you complain about my multiple calls with different guys? Because I know you have heard what we spoke about. 

Guy: I didn't complain because, I haven't married you. As it's now, I don't know if I will marry you or another lady. And so, not until I marry you, I can't control you. 

Honestly that was a hard truth, but the lady got upset and left immediately. Although the guy felt hurt, but on the contrary he was vindicated from a cheating partner. 

Must we always hold on to the truth in relationship? Or we play along!!

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