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My Boyfriend Still Chased Me Away After I Started A Business For Him And Paid His Rent

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Before Maggie left for Saudi Arabia, she was in love with a man whom she believed they would have a future together. While in Saudi, she paid for his rent consistently, gave him something like 20, 000 for his pocket money, and set him up with a vehicle wash business worth around 150, 000. On her return from Saudi, the man allegedly beat her and sent her away from the house she had paid for around 2 years.

Since she spent all of her savings to satisfy her boyfriend, Maggie has gotten back from Saudi Arabia with nothing, and she' s currently selling coffee on the roadside to survive. Maggie met her lover seven days before she traveled to Saudi Arabia, and the two continued to speak on the phone and talk on social media.

With the expectation that he would marry her, she rented a house for him and purchased all of the household items, including furniture, appliances, and linens. Because her lover was jobless, Maggie was forced to give him in excess of 20, 000 every month. Maggie realized she had observed the love of her life when their communication was incredible.

She started a business worth $150, 000 for her boyfriend when she was going to return home to leave with him and most likely get married to him, and she was certain that they would have a source of income when she returned, so she spent all her money setting up a business for him.

This happened when Maggie got back. She married her boyfriend, but he abused her mercilessly, so she stayed with him in the hopes that he would change.

The day she decided to leave him, she caught her husband having an affair with one more woman in their marital house, right in their bedroom, and he viciously beat her before his mistress. Her fury was so strong that her husband assaulted her, and she was almost blinded by the beating.

Although she had spent all of her money on the house, she nevertheless needed to start over, despite her profound sadness and close madness. With the assistance of doctors, she was ready to recover and is currently selling coffee on the street to produce money for herself. She says she' s been given a second opportunity, and she intends to capitalize on it.

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