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Husband and wife relationship

I slept with my cousin for years because I have issues with my Husband - woman confessed

Catherine and Robbert had been married for almost six years and they were fortunate enough to have two beautiful children. Their marriage later fell apart due to certain circumstances.

Robbert worked as a guide to support his family, but he earned only a small amount of money and had to provide his wife with a hundred bobs every day.

When Catherine saw that the money was no longer enough, she chose to seek out a small backup where she opened her own liquor and wine store with the money her husband was giving her.

Later she moved to a club where she worked as a waiter and there she was earning ten cents a month and paying no attention to her husband. Money can destroy everything you have, Catherine used to take her cousin home and they used to sleep together in her bed. Her husband was furious with them and Catherine chose to walk away from her marriage; however, she later apologized for what she did to her husband. On Rembo Tv, she claimed forgiveness from her husband and was excited to be together again, but Robbert made it clear that she has already moved in and married an understanding spouse, regardless of her poverty.

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