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Why do ladies say “he used me after I suffered with him”?

Thank you for clicking on my article. The common mantra ladies like to say after break up is “he used me after I suffered with him”. This is very inappropriate and this article is to tell you why. Staying with him in a single room or sharing the little food he had left, doesn’t mean he is entitled to you. Did he even make an effort to make you happy or getting food for you both to share? Did he tell you anything about marriage or you just assumed?

You both had fun and used yourselves in terms of sex:

Why give all yourself to a man? He can’t even fully cater for himself, how much more you? While all you did was giving your body to him and staying idle to wait for him, he is out there getting a name for himself. If he did not give you any assurance, why then stick with him and hurt you in the process? Even if he did, anything can happen at the end. It is when the money comes into the relationship, is when you would truly know the kind of man he is. 

Thank you for reading.

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