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Things you need not to do in your Marriage

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my page and good you will enjoy your self. Dont forget to follow me for more updates or tips.

There are dos and dont in marriage which both families will not tell you. These things disturbs most of our young girls and boys. These are three (3) things you need not to do in your marriage.

1. NEVER TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED. Never take your partner for granted else he or she will surprise you one day.

2. NEVER SEE YOUR SELF AS A QUEEN OR A KING. BUT AS A MAN OR A WOMAN THAT HAS TO WORK HARD FOR THE GOOD OF THE MARRIAGE WHICH DEPENDS ON YOU. at the moment you consider your self as a queen or a king Laziness steps in. And this is a worry and leads to broken homes cause it may affect your partner or children. Know that your maid cannot work your relationship out for you even if you give instructions. Practically, when you have main maid, the next thing you will keep doing is to yell at shout around. Know that this act most at times irritates most men.

3. NEVER RELAX IN YOUR MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP JUST BECAUSE HE HAS ACCEPTED YOU OR MARRIED YOU. there are people who relax after marriage simply because she thinks she has arrived. But it is rather time for you to work HARD and to prove ti him or her that he or she has made the right choice. 

4. NEVER FIGHT OR ARGUE INFRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN. Children are smart, emotional and very good at observing. Whenever you fight or ARGUE infront of your children, it disturbs them academically and emotionally. They feel unwanted and confused as in who to shift side to. Never ARGUE infront of your children.

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