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5 beautiful female bodybuilders in the world

Women empowerment has seen women take up roles which were first thought to be limited to only men. After this obstacle was cleared from the path of women around the world, they have been known to be doing amazing things around the world. This article is going to see me talk about bodybuilding.

At first, bodybuilding was limited to only men but now, many women have shown that what men can do, they can also do it even to perfection. Bodybuilding is one of the most difficult as well as popular hobbies in the world at the moment but that isn’t going to scare women. They know that a certain form of power and ability is inherent in them and they can do exceedingly above what we can think of them.

Though they cannot be stronger like men because obviously, the physique of women is different from men but they are proving a point to the world that when it comes to strength, they are never to be exempted.

In this article, I am going to talk about five female bodybuilders in the world who are extremely beautiful. Aside their beautiful muscles, their physical appearance is also pleasing and people cannot get over their pictures. This ride is going to be an interesting one, lets go through them one after the other.

1. Eva Andressa

Eva is a beautiful Brazilian bodybuilder who has carved a very good name for herself over the last decade. This beauty is a renowned fitness model and also has gained a massive fan base all over the internet. Talk of popular female athletes on social media, the name of Eva is certainly going to pop up in the list.

Eva currently earns a living as a fitness model and she shares her knowledge concerning fitness with her fans. She educates them on how to adjust their eating habits, how to be determined and never give up when hitting the gym and many others. Below is a picture of this beautiful bodybuilder.

2. Pauline Nordin

Pauline is a fitness model, an entrepreneur and an author. Her story is a very inspiring one which is capable of motivating ladies who think they cannot make it when they hit the gym. Pauline struggled with eating disorders and body image issues between age 12 and 17 and also weighed as low as 85 pounds but that didn’t make her give up. She claims she chanced upon a fitness magazine which featured female bodybuilders. She looked at the built females in the magazine and realized that is what she wanted to be like. In her quest to improve upon her appearance, she started hitting the gym and now, her story has taken a tilt.

3. Erica Cordie

She is one of the leading fitness models in the world at the moment. Her journey in bodybuilding has been an amazing one and it started after she blew up her right knee at the age of 17. In her quest to undergo rehabilitation, she decided to rely on bodybuilding. Erica moved to Denver after her fracture. She trained for three years and decided to compete in the Mile High Heavyweight Natural Bodybuilding Show for which she won.

Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman 

4. Brooke Holladay Ence

Brooke Holladay is an American bodybuilder and a fitness model. Talk of the most attractive and beautiful bodybuilders in the world, she is always going to make the list. Surprisingly, Brooke started her fitness career as a dancer and it has been an amazing ride for her.

Brooke is one of the most hard-working fitness models and it is said that she works out more than 4 hours daily. She really puts a great deal of effort into her craft and it seems to be working out for her. Indeed, what men can do, women can do it and even do it better.

5. Jennifer Rish

Jennifer is a fitness model who began her amazing fitness journey in her early 20s after spending many years of her life trying to practice and perfect gymnastics, kickboxing and dance. She is a very beautiful lady and also, one of the most attractive female bodybuilders the world has ever seen.

Jennifer spends most of her time in the gym trying to improve upon her muscle mass. She is a very determined lady.

Which amongst these five ladies do you think is the most beautiful? Feel free to bring your comments in, the comment section is always open for you. Have a nice day

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