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A Man Dating His Blood Sister Says He Is Not Ready To Let Her Go Even After DNA Test.

I urge you to hit the follow button to get more amazing articles. Today's topic is a shocking one as a siblings found out that they are blood related after DNA test proved.

Incest in many religion is seen as an abomination and they preach against it. But this does not stop people who are madly in love.

They say "love defies all odds" as the couple are not ready to let each other go even after DNA test proved otherwise. This got many people reacting to their amazing discovery. Their story read " I met this woman 10 months ago and we fell in love instantly. Everybody was always saying how we looked so much alike and they will always say ' y'all might be related' we always laughed it off.

One month ago we decided to get a DNA test to finally put the rumours to rest. We were both excited to get the results only to find out that we are in fact related. We found out we were brother and sister. Yes I was just shocked as you guys. Due to the fact that we were and still in madly in love, we decided to continue our relationship"

Their story shocked social media users and some even doubt their story. Well, what's your take on this? Do you think they should continue with their relationship or they should break up.

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