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For better for worse is not biblical, leave toxic relationships when you get the chance: Pastor says

Many people are suffering in their marriages but cannot leave such marriages no matter how hard they try. For most of them, there is one thing that is stopping them from breaking free. They fear that, breaking the vows they made in church during their wedding is going to give them bad luck. For this reason, many people, especially women, endure the maltreatment and pain their husbands take them through.

Rev. Odame Ansah is a pastor from Grace House Chapel who has come out to educate us on such instances. He appeared on Peace 104.3 FM and made it clear that from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, there is no part where they have written "For better for worse".

That term was coined by some churches just to keep the couple sticking together no matter what happens. For me, I have never liked that idea because some people are literally being abused as days go by but, they cannot escape such torment due to that statement.

The Reverend Minister made it clear that one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is endurance but in certain perspectives, endurance will only end you in pain. Not all endurance will show you light at the end of the tunnel, some will put you through a great deal of stress.

He even went ahead to tell a story about an usher in his church who died as a result of marital abuse. People are being beaten, some are falling sick, some are being taken to the asylum and some are dying just because they wanted to stay true to their words.

Maybe, it is high time you leave that toxic relationship. Sticking by "for better, for worse" can end your life. By the way, here is the link to the video.

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