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Spice up Your Relationship...This is Why Your Relationship Getting Boring

The excitement of a relationship at its early stages can make you feel on top of the world. As the newness wears off, the relationship can feel like it’s growing stale. This shows that relationship goes beyond the early stages of excitement to include making efforts to continuously keep it alive.

This is because it is perfectly natural for the romantic excitement and thrill that you experienced at the beginning of your relationship to wane over time. This sometimes makes the relationship very boring and to some who are unable to bring back the excitement, it leads to breakup.

Partners need to know that making a relationship boring is never the fault of just one person but both partners. A boring relationship can be because of several actions or thoughts from either or both partners and that can include the following.

Stop making efforts: When couples stop making efforts in relationships the relationship is likely to get boring. Some people are not able to keep the initial effort they began with. Relationships don't just work out because two people love each other. It is the effort of the two people that can keep the relationship working and exciting. Make efforts on checking up, in communication and much more.

Sometimes your partner can call and after speaking about how they day went, both of you get mute because there is nothing more to talk about. This is where the effort should come in because if everyday talking has to just be about how the day went, then conversations in the relationship will get boring as there is nothing aside that to talk about. It is therefore necessary to make an effort to bring up interesting discussions that you both enjoy so you can talk, laugh and make the conversations interesting. Lack of effort to make things like this work in a relationship can cause it to be boring. 

You never argue: A relationship with no argument once in a while can be very boring. We fight with the ones we love most because those are the relationships worth fighting for. This does not mean screaming violent arguments, but arguments such as disagreeing on something.

This can make you understand the difference between you and your partner so you work towards a better adjustment. Always agreeing to everything in a relationship may not be healthy. At least there should once be something to disagree and argue about.

Some people who do not disagree or argue with their partners once in a while may be hiding their true feelings and always agreeing to everything even if they do not like it. This can make the relationship boring and one way. Once in a while a healthy argument can spark a lot of interesting things because you get to see how your partner reacts when annoyed and much more. A relationship with no argument can therefore be very boring. 

Stop hanging out together: We all know that relationships begin with dates and hangouts. But most people as the relationship grows, stop hanging out. This can make the relationship boring sometimes. It should not always be talking over the phone but hanging out and going on dates always create special moments that will make the relationship much more interesting. When two couples stop hanging out the relationship can therefore become boring.

A relationship can also get boring when you forget what brought you together in the first place. A meaningful relationship has goals. For most people, it is to get married and live forever in the long run. Sometimes as people get too comfortable in a relationship, they may just be living together forgetting the goals they want to achieve in the long run. If the purpose for which the relationship was started is forgotten, then the relationship can get boring as each moment spent together will not be valued.

It is therefore important to avoid the above mentioned possible causes of boredom in relationships. Make your relationship exciting and the best it could be.

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