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5 Ways To Know If A Man Truly Loves You

Dating doesn’t have to be difficult

I called it quits with a man I once loved after I found out he had sex with a close friend of mine (former). After constantly disrespecting what we had, having sex with my friend was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

How can a man that claims to truly love me hurt me? Was any of this real? Did I miss any subtle cues? Wasn’t I enough?

I gave him my heart, loyalty, effort and my body. I was his listening ear and the shoulders he leaned on for support. Was she even worth it?

1. He’s protective of you.

And we don’t mean it in the sense that he gets jealous when someone else is around or comments on how you dress but he genuinely fears for you and respects your feelings.

Like for example if someone did you wrong at work, he’d be the first one to tell you to stand up for yourself. If he senses that you’re uncomfortable or that someone’s bothering you, he wants to be the first person to protect you from that or make you feel more at ease.

2. He’ll do anything for you without thinking about it twice.

Even if he’s tired or doesn’t have the time, whenever you need him he’ll be there in a blink of an eye without you having to ask for it. He’ll keep pursuing you even if you seem unsure and are having doubts but he’ll never give up on you.

3. He includes you in his major life decisions.

He values your opinion and trusts your advice. So even if he doesn’t talk to anyone about it, he feels totally safe opening up to you when there’s something on his mind.

4. He talks about future plans.

If your guy discusses his future plans with you and you can see yourself in it then it’s a big sign he’s very much in love with you and is taking your relationship seriously.

5. He wants to be close to you.

He’ll make an effort to be physically close to you as much as possible. He’ll have his hand around your shoulder and he’ll sneak peeks at you from across the room when you’re out with friends, that shows how happy he is that you’re his.

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