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Seduction: Everything You Absolutely Need To Know To Get A Girl

Would you like to know the secrets of seduction and know exactly what to do to seduce a woman? If you are looking for useful tips and information to learn the art of seduction , you are in the right place. The word "seduction" is often associated with something negative, such as manipulation or trying to get someone to do something they wouldn't normally do.

In reality, the true seducer stands out for his generosity in giving moments of happiness, in making repressed desires come true ... and above all, he always leaves the woman better than he found her. If you are looking for techniques to deceive women for the sole purpose of getting them to bed, you will not find them on this site. Instead, you will find many contents to improve yourself and your skills in the art of seduction , and if you apply them in the right way, you will end up enriching and improving the lives of all the women you meet.

Once you have chosen who to seduce, the first thing to do (usually in the approach phase) is to capture his attention . Make it aware of you, that you exist, and give you, even briefly, your attention and take an interest in you. When you have aroused an interest of some kind in her, be it curiosity, fun, or a common point the most important thing to do, the fulcrum of any seductive process, is to transform the interest into something stronger: desire.It is at this stage that you have to enter the mind of the woman you want to seduce and connect with her on a deeper level.

Seduction is always based on an unsatisfied desire or need . That's the weak point of the woman you want to seduce. Discover her hidden desire and you will have discovered how to seduce her. On the contrary, it is not possible to seduce the one who is completely satisfied. For example, if a woman is completely satisfied and in love with the man she is with, it will be practically impossible to seduce her. That's why you need to stay away from all those methods that promise to teach you how to seduce any woman. Most women can be seduced if you know how, but not all.

A woman falls in love with the man who seems to fill her emptiness, her dissatisfaction, her unconscious desire. It is usually a natural and unconscious process, but the seducer never leaves certain matters to chance . The seducer knows how to read the woman's mind, he knows how to identify his desire, he knows how to read the signals that the woman he wants to seduce unconsciously sends him. For this reason a true seducer has no way out.

In reality, every meeting, every social occasion, can be a potential seduction. You must be able to read inside the woman you want to seduce, understand what stimulates her, what she lacks and what she secretly wants. It is not difficult once you understand how to do it, once you have your map and you can read the signals she sends you. If you find her weak point, her repressed desire, she has no escape. You will be ready to give her just what she is looking for. And when he realizes that you are the one who can fill his lack, his hidden desire, then the road will be all downhill.

At this point bringing it to the boiling point is easy, just turn off the mind and turn on the senses. Give her on the physical plane what you have so far given her on the mental / emotional plane. And at that point it will have no defenses. If you are tired of having a flat love life and having to settle for just being with girls who are not the ones you really want, here are some resources to learn seduction and put it into practice, obtaining the maximum result with minimum effort. First, I suggest that you read most of the relationship tips I have written.Remember that the most important thing in learning to seduce is to take action.

Practice brings experience, with every little success (and even failure) obtained you will learn something, you will gain experience and calibration skills.

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