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Do This To Catch People Who Pretend Not To Be Staring At You - It Works On 80% Of Most People

Have you ever been annoyed in a situation where you feel that someone is staring at you, but they pretend not to be doing so when you turn to look at them? Then, this piece is made just for you.

I am going to teach you a simple trick which will help you to catch such people without having to ask them or wondering in your head whether they were really starring at you.

According to Giordano, a researcher for PBS New Hour, it is about 6 times possible for someone who stares at you to also yawn unconsciously when you yawn.

This usually happens as a result of a phenomenon which is described as social mirroring or; where people are bound to naturally mimic the actions of others.

Hence, by way of the phenomenon of contagious yawn, which usually works on about 80% of most people people, you can easily catch people who pretend not be staring at you by faking a yawn, and you will be surprised that the person will also yawn unconsciously if, indeed, they were staring at you.

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