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Fear women see what My Girlfriend's Mum did

I’m a firefighter and the job requires upper body strength so I’m at the gym or in my backyard working out. Another perk with my job is the endless amount of how many women are attracted to this profession.

I first met my GF, she would always wear sexy clothes. Now, she only wears leggings or pajamas. You might be asking why we are still together? It would be easy to call things off and go back to having constant one-night-stands with a different girl, but I’m looking to settle down soon. My GF might be going through a slump right now but overall, she’s a sweetheart, gives me s3x anytime I ask. I’m not ready to call things off yet.

My girlfriend’s mom is 37 years old & well kept. She got pregnant at an early age and got married. Things were good until her husband died in a work accident 3 years ago. She to works a rental car place at the airport which requires her to wear professional attire. I’ve always seen her wearing heels & business outfits. A week ago, she told my girlfriend she was ready to try dating again.

It was a Thursday evening around 7pm, my girlfriend was staying at a friend’s place to binge watch a TV series with the girls. I was shirtless in the backyard doing pull-ups when I hear the wood privacy gate open. I looked up and it was my girlfriend’s mom. She’s wearing a tight little black dress & red heels. She thought her daughter would be at my place. She looked upset and sounded upset.

We sat outside and talked like good friends for an hour, and I didn’t feel like I was talking to my GF’s mom. I felt like I was talking to one of the guys at the station. We talked about everything and eventually we began discussing what we were looking for in a long term partner. She became very flirty with her tone and body movements. She asked about my s3x life. I confided a few stories from my top ten. Then, I asked about hers. I got a hard on when she confessed told me a few stories from her wild days. We discussed what we each liked in the bedroom. She kept looking at me and twirling her hair.

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