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I Have No Intention Of Killing My Husband Again Because I Have Grown To Love Him [Read More Here]

You're welcome once again to my news page. Kindly circle back to the top most far right hand side corner of this page and click on the plus follow button to follow up on me to be receiving notifications on my daily publications. Get ready to read details from the title of this article in the form of story.

Once upon a time a beautiful lady said she is tired of her marriage life and want to murder her husband. One morning, she ran to her parents and said to the mother: "I am tired of my husband and I can no longer support his nonsense so I want to kill him but I am afraid the laws of the land will hold me responsible". Can you please help me, asked the daughter?

Yes my daughter I can help you but, there are a little tasks attached. The daughter asked what are the tasks? I'm willing and ready to follow any tasks attached in other to get him out.

Below were the tasks the mother gave to her daughter;

1. You will have to make peace with him so that no one will suspect you when he is dead.

2. You will have to beautify yourself in other to look young and attractive to him

3. You have to take good care of him, be very nice and appreciate him

4. You have to be patient, loving, less jealous, have more listening ears, be more respectful and obedient to him

5. Spend your money on him and don’t get angry even when he refused to give you money for whatever you want

6. Don’t raise your voice against him, but encourage Peace and love so that you will never be suspected when he die.

Can you do all these tasks, asked the mother? Yes I can said the daughter. The mother gave an unknown powder to her daughter and ordered her to pour a bit in her husband's every day meal to kill him slowly.

Interestingly after 30 days, the lady came back to her mother and said: "Mother, I have no intention of killing my husband again because I have grown to love him. He has completely changed and now a very sweet husband than I ever imagined". What can i do to stop the poison from killing him? Please help me mother. She pleaded in a sorrowful tone.

The mother answered, do not worry my daughter because what I gave you the other day was just Tumeric Powder. It will never kill him. In reality, you were the poison that was slowly killing your husband due to the pressure you were given him. It was when you started loving, honouring and cherishing him that you saw him changed to be a nice and sweet husband.

Men are not really wicked but our ways of relating with them determines their responses and feelings towards us.

Short Advise To Women

If you can only show respect, dedication, love, care and commitment to your husband he will be 100 percent there for you. And your marriage will not experience sorrow, divorce, poverty, barrenness, bitterness etc in Jesus mighty name.

Cc: 'Spatakula Koncept'

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